BC Housing Training (2011)

In June of 2011 BC Housing offered two three-day courses to Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw community members. The first course was in basic plumbing skills, from diagnosing leaks to installing toilets. The second course was in basic electrical skills, and participants learned how to wire a three-way light switch, install electrical outlets, and fix stoves.

These courses were both taught using life-size modules with real toilets, sinks, stoves, and live electricity. Every participant talked about how much they appreciated the fact that it was so hands-on, which made them each feel capable of practising the skills they learned immediately.

Below you will find interviews with each of the participants in the electrical course, most of whom also participated in the plumbing course:

Interviews with participants in BC Housing plumbing & electrical training by Gwasala Nakwaxdaxw

A big thank-you to Dave Farrar and Jim Sawyer, the instructors, and also Jody Puff, from BC Housing.

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