Throughout the years we have been able to access temporary funding through grants, government initiatives, partnerships, and private sources. This funding is often used for special projects or short-term programs.

Some current/recent projects include:

Community and staff members meet regularly to ensure that the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw community is prepared for an emergency.
A pre-employment program to help prepare community members to get meaningful jobs. Participants have received training and participated in self-discovery work to help identify their own strengths, goals, etc.

We surveyed 198 community members about their education level & goals, work & volunteer experience, career goals, certification, and other areas related to job searching  to help us provide employment and training opportunities best suited to our community.

We are putting community members out into our vast traditional territories to observe and protect our natural resources and culturally significant sites.

Past projects are also listed in the menu on the right.

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