Trust funds are meant to be used in three ways: annual disbursements to community members, administrative costs to responsibly manage the Trust, and projects for the benefit of the community.
If community members have ideas for projects that they feel would be eligible for Trust funding, they must contact the Trust Chair to get a copy of the proposal template and discuss the proposal.
Once the template has been completed with information like project purpose, benefits of the project, budget and workplan details, and risk mitigation, the finished proposal is submitted to the Trust Committee for consideration.
If the Trust Committee approves the proposal (judging it against the criteria in the Trust Agreement) it then moves to a vote at an All-Band meeting. 30 days before the meeting copies of the proposal are made available to community members for review. At the All-Band Meeting, a quorum of eligible voters approve or reject the proposal.

2012 Projects

On July 18, 2012, the community voted to extend the Culture and Youth Sports & Recreation projects for another year.

2011 Projects

In October of 2011 the Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw Nations voted to approve funding for home construction for elder Marion Wamiss.

On March 3, 2011, the following projects were approved for Trust funding:

 Eligible Projects

At the time that the Trust Agreement was written, the following types of projects were suggested:
  • Scholarship and bursary funds for vocational training, post-secondary school education and other training or education programs
  • School facilities
  • Housing for members including new houses, upgrades to existing houses, upgrading of village streets and sidewalks, landscaping, and like housing elements
  • Cemetery
  • Health care for members
  • Construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, ditches, water courses, fences, Band buildings or permanent improvements or works on the Band's reserves
  • Construction of facilities for members including, as the needs may reasonably require, elders' housing complex, counseling and rehabilitation centre, health clinic, meeting house, cultural longhouse and like facilities
  • Social, cultural and recreational purposes
  • Fishing endeavours, for which may reasonable be required the following: boats, licenses, quotas, net and gear storage facility, seawall, breakwater and floats
  • If viable under a business plan, to promote or establish a business or commercial operation owned by the Band or a Band Corporation
  • Economic development including Corporations controlled by the Band


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