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The Gwa’sala- ‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations have a unique relationship with their traditional territories encompassing a vast area on the South-Central coast of mainland British Columbia which supports a rich biodiversity of marine, natural and cultural resources.

The traditional territory of the Gwa’sala People consists of all of the lands and waters and islands off-shore of Smith Inlet and Smith Sound. The traditional territory of the ‘Nakwaxda’xw People consists of all of the lands and waters tributary to Seymour and Belize Inlets, the mainland coast from Cape Caution south-east to Blunden Harbour and Aylmer Bay, and the adjacent off-shore islands in Queen Charlotte Strait.

We are the guardians of our sacred and important places and we govern the two distinct territories of the Gwa’sala and the ‘Nakwaxda’xw People in accordance with our ancient values and traditions. We are guided by the principle of Oweetna-kula, "we are one with the land and sea we own.” This principle of Oweetna-kula defines our sacred relationship to our territories and our Aboriginal Title.

Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Natural Resources Department

The Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations are now in the process of setting up a Natural Resources Department. We see the establishment of our own Natural Resources Department as an important step towards regaining control of our lands and resources. The Department will be responsible for coordinating, managing and monitoring land and resource activities in our territories, including resource management, stewardship, land use planning and treaty negotiations.

The primary objectives of our Natural Resources Department are to:

1. Strengthen our role in land and resource decision-making and management in our territories

2. Fulfill our responsibility as stewards of our territories by monitoring, preserving and protecting our lands, waters and resources for future generations

3. Build the capacity of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations and our members so that we can participate directly in all aspects of land and resource management, planning and stewardship

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