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We offer many programs and services to our members. Our staff members work hard to find solutions for community members and collaborate with other service providers. Our departments are located mainly in the Band Office and the Health & Family Services building (map):

GNN Communications

The communications team will be responsible for connecting staff with each other and the community. Our goal is to supply the community with more information about what is going on in our community and all the different buildings.

Economic Devlopment

If you are a community member interested in starting your own business or an investor looking to partner on a project, check out our Economic Development page.


If you are a student or would like to go back to school, our Education Coordinator can help you find a program that works for you and help you get the support you need to succeed.


Our finance department takes care of the bookkeeping and payroll for our departments and staff.


Located in the Health & Family Services building, programs offered are: National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) for youth and adults; maternal health; Community Health Representative & patient travel; mental health;

Child & Family Services

Located in the Health & Family Services building, programs offered are
Case Management, Family Support and Family Visitors.


Our Housing Coordinator oversees construction and renovation projects, helps find on-reserve housing for community members, and coordinates training for community members.

Natural Resources

Our Natural Resources department encompasses forestry, fisheries, GIS mapping, and other activities in our traditional territories like stewardship, archaeological work and Treaty land selection.


Our Membership Coordinator helps register new band members, maintains the membership list, and deals with Indian Status Card issues.

Public Works

Our Public Works Coordinator oversees maintenance of public buildings and infrastructure, such as fire hydrants, water lines, and our cemetery. He also monitors our community's water supply.

Social Development

Our Social Development Coordinator helps community members who are (or want to be) on Social Assistance and other forms of financial support. She also works with the Education Coordinator to offer training and community programs.



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